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Apr 22, 2013 11:00pm PDT
war on terror is almost essentially a war against al qaeda. and we've seen this sort of al qaeda affiliated terrorism. this was an entirely different thing. >> well, we've decimated-- it seems-- the al qaeda leadership to a great degree. but the ideas of al qaeda, the kind of franchises of al qaeda, preachers who are preaching things in various languages are all over the place. >> rose: it seems to be that people who become radicalized and then either because they can go on the internet and follow some -- somebody preaching -- >> it can only be discredited by the decency and effectiveness moral and otherwise of our way of life and -- which has -- would not react well to the 9/11 aftermath. there was so many things that we did wrong. whether it had to do with the waging of war or the trampling of civil liberties and i hope that we've learned our lesson. so when i first started hearing words from certain senators about "let's treat him as an enemy combatant." i don't know the motivation, but i blanch at it. >> rose: yeah. >> this is a country -- >> rose: they modified that and said
Apr 22, 2013 10:00pm PDT
that he was visiting jihady websites. we know that he actually posted pro al qaeda or at least pro radical islam. what it seems to be -- and again this is very early days in the investigation and so, you know, they keep saying that in the early days of the investigation, you're almost always wrong when you jump to conclusions. but in these early days of the investigation it appears that the older brother had a tremendous amount or held great sway over the younger brother. and that the younger brother didn't seem to have any outward signs of this sort of radical islamic belief but followed in the footsteps of his older brother. so that's what investigators are going to try to find out when they finally get to talk to him in the hospital. as you mentioned in your piece, they did end up mirandaizing him, reading him his rights. there was some question as to whether or not they would use something called the public safety exception which basically says you don't have to read someone their miranda rights if you believe that the public safety is in danger. in other words, you know, if you though
Apr 16, 2013 5:30pm PDT
're talking about a lone wolf actor or a down-sized al qaeda-inspired attack. >> ifill: don borrelli, you were on the new york city joint terrorism task force and we now know that there are maybe 2,000 tips or more coming into the boston police department and the f.b.i. is helpful? is it a lot to get thugh? >> it's both. we've seen in context of the medical teams talking about the word triage, where they had to triage the wounded individuals. this is the theory going on now with the f.b.i. they're getting thousands of leads from citizens from informants, from our partners overseas, from everywhere and they've got to prioritize those leads and triage them and work the most positive ones first and the ones that are potentially perishable. >> ifill: we have been watching,uan zuarte, investigators literally combi the streets on their hands and knees, picking up every little thing. if it rains tonight as the reporter with burr is saying, does that impede the investigation? >> it will a bit. the crime scene is outside. the wind and the rain and the elements no doubt will have an impact so the f.b.i.
Apr 22, 2013 5:00pm PDT
from al qaeda. investigators have not disclosed the nationality of the suspects, but say they will not canadians. >>> rescue workers in china are trying to reach survivors of a deadly earthquake before time runs out. the magnitude 7 tremor shook the sichuan province on saturday morning. it killed 192 people and injured more than 11,000. 23 others are missing. nhk reports. >> reporter: aid workers are trying to rescue people trapped under collapsed houses and buildings. the chance of survival of such victims is said to plummet after the third full day. but providing assistance in the mountainous regions is difficult. >> translator: many mountain areas were hit. taking the injured to hospitals takes two hours. >> reporter: the original tremor and aftershocks have caused landslides, block roads to the areas. nearly 10,000 troops are doing rescue work on foot. the large rock made impossible. people who managed to evacuate are still far from safe. this village is an hour's drive from a county near the quake's focus. the earthquake crushed roofs and walls. no electricity or wat
Apr 23, 2013 5:00pm PDT
armed militants with links to al qaeda infiltrated and attacked an army checkpoint. but spokespersons for the demonstrators say the solers red first. there have been more and more signs of divisions among them. and they targeted worshippers at a sunni mosque in baghdad and suicide bombing and killed at least three people and wounded 13 others. >>> the israeli military is accusing the syrian army of using chemical weapons during its ongoing civil war. an intelligence officer says sarin gas may have been used multiple times over the past several months. the officer said syrian troops used the deadly nerve gas against armed rebels. he warned they will use more unless the international community takes a strong stance. the syrian government and opposition troops have accused each other of using chemical weapons during the conflict. the u.s. president barack obama indicated his country will take further action if chemicals are confirmed. the united nations is considering sending a fact finding mission to the country. >>> archaeologists in afghanistan are racing to excavate an ancient buddhi
Apr 16, 2013 11:00pm PDT
disally given the number of plots from al qaeda the number is 50-60 against u.s. oil, statistically that would probably be the more likely scenario but you can't get tunnel vision here. that would have been the more likely scenario when they were discussing hezbollah on the morning of oklahoma city only to find out it was tim mcveigh. there's a discipline saying keep an open mind so we don't miss anythi. >> rose: mike barnicle this is your beloved city. talk to me about this yesterday, today and your thoughts and the people you have talked to. >> well, charlie, first of all, the day itself patriots day is a holiday in massachusetts. everybody in america is working. nobody in massachusetts is working. it's the day of marathon. it's the day of an early red sox game. starting at 11:00. the crowd spills out at 2:00, 2:30. many of the 35,000 at the ball game go done through kenmore square and to boylston street. it's a small town. you can walk the town it's like living in the palm of your hand. because of communal feeling there is in boston it's a violation. it's as if someone came into
Apr 17, 2013 11:00pm PDT
is everywhere. >> rose: including al qaeda's web site, places like that. >> yeah, well "inspire" magazine came out in 2010. this is anwar al-awlaki and samir khan, two americans in yemen, they put out this online magazine and in the first edition there's an article "how to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom." now it talks specifically about a bomb in a pressure cooker and it says you can use matchsticks to make a bomb. we had an individual by the name of jose pimental who is in jail right now awaiting trial, he did precisely that. he took 600 matchsticks, put in the two or three bombs he made. we had somebody very close to him, he was arrested for it. but it talks in this first "inspire" edition it talks specifically about using a pressure cooker. so these are not complex items. he did it literally by the numbers. he had the papers laid out in front of him and did by the numbers so the genie is out of the bottle as far as making a bomb is concerned. >> rose: how do you protect or try to find those kinds of people? >> with difficulty. obviously we want intelligence information. we want to p
Apr 19, 2013 5:30pm PDT
at the moment investigators believe that, in fact, this is not an al qaeda operation. it's not clear how these guys became radicalize bud they don't seem to think that they have any significant overseas connections and they don't seem to think, as i thk youuoted somebody there earlier, that they have any accomplices in the united states. so from the sounds of things they're a couple of what they call in the trade "loan wolves" who dreamt this all up on their own. who probably radicalized themselves perhaps over internet who may have even gotten the designs of their bombs over the internet and such people because they don't do the kinds of things that would attract the attention of intelligence agencies they're very hard to spot in advance. >> brown: bruce hoffman, what do you think they should be looking at now? what is the interesting part here? >> first and foremost the authorities will be combing through the computers to find out if they were in contact with anyone either in the united statesor overseas. if they were downloading for instance the sermons of anwar al-awlaki who's one of
Apr 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. >> charlie: two points. one of the groups has already said that it has a relationship with al qaeda. >> yes, it has. charlie: secondly, does this mean that we should have done more earlier when there was a more domination of moderate groups and before some of the more radical groups came in to syria? >> you know, i don't think it's that productive to reajude ict the past. i think the options are what they are going forward. again i think in addition to watching what happens with these extremists we have to keep as the president has rightly said a very close focus on the chemical weapons arsenals and making sure that that those don't fall into the wrong hands. >> charlie: what will we do if they look like they're going to fall into the wrong hands? >> i think there's a lot of thinking and planning going on with regard to that inside the u.s. government. and, you know, i think that would... i would hope that that would cause us to provide some additional forms of support to the rebels that are more moderate that we believe are the core of a post assad syrian government to enable them to be ef
Apr 15, 2013 5:30pm PDT
, but such attacks are often a trademark of al- qaeda's iraqi wing. a major sell-off hit wall street today. stocks plunged after china reported its economic growth slowed in the first quarter, and commodity prices took a hit. the dow jones industrial average lost nearly 266 points to close at 14,599. the nasdaq fell 78 points to close at 3216. there was relative quiet out of north korea today, as the communist state celebrated the birthday of its founder with a flower festival. lebrations were focusein pyongyang, and residents dressed in their finest clothing to lay flowers before statues of former north korean leaders. a day earlier, north korea rejected the south's offer of dialogue, calling it a "crafty trick." a federal judge in washington has refused to intervene in a detainee hunger strike at guantanamo bay, cuba. he ruled today that federal law bars judicial review of enemy combatant claims of mistreatment. a yemeni prisoner, musaab al- madhwani, had said he and other hunger strikers are denied drinking water and medical care and kept in extreme cold. in anothedeveloent,ome of the 166 detai
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)